Build-A-Snowman Spelling Game

Build-A-Snowman Spelling Game

Now that the winter months have arrived, here’s a fun way to experience the season without needing to bundle up for the cold.

1. Divide your whiteboard into three columns. Draw a snowman in the middle column. Include a hat, scarf, nose, eyes, mouth and buttons. You can use the snowman shown here as a guide, or create your own.

2. Divide your class into two teams. One team will use the left column; the other will use the right column.

3. Alternating between teams, give each student a word from your spelling list.

4. Upon spelling correctly, the student draws a part of his or her team’s snowman.

5. Upon misspelling, the student remains on his or her team but does not draw a snowman part.

6. The first team to replicate the original snowman wins!