Snowman Spelling Lesson Game

Build-A-Snowman Spelling Game

Now that the winter months have arrived, here’s a fun way to experience the season without needing to bundle up for the cold.

1. Divide your whiteboard into three columns. Draw a snowman in the middle column. Include a hat, scarf, nose, eyes, mouth and buttons. You can use the snowman shown here as a guide, or create your own.

2. Divide your class into two teams. One team will use the left column; the other will use the right column.

3. Alternating between teams, give each student a word from your spelling list.

4. Upon spelling correctly, the student draws a part of his or her team’s snowman.

5. Upon misspelling, the student remains on his or her team but does not draw a snowman part.

6. The first team to replicate the original snowman wins!

Book Fair is Coming

The Book Far is coming September 29th till October 9th. The book fair will be open September 29th till October 7th from 9AM-3PM. The Book Fair will be closed October 8th for Benchmark Testing. The Book Fair will be open on October 9th from 5 PM to 7 PM during the Title 1 Fall Program. If you would like to volunteer please email me or call the schools. Thanks!



Welcome Back to School

Welcome to Bowling Green Elementary Library. I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and continued to read over the summer.   I wish everyone a happy new school year. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

First Day of School-August 20th